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FANCY Stamp Kit, big stamp kit, with upper and lower case Fancy font sets, metal stamping kit, jewelry stamping kit, high quality.

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Maxout stamping Kit.
Fancy metal stamp kit
This awesome set has it all. My Master kit plus

You choose which fancy font sets you want from upper or lower case:
ComicBook 3mm, Typewriter 3mm, Monotype Script 3mm,
handprint 3mm or Piccadilly 3mm

Check out all the top quality metal worKind gear you will get.
I don't sell tools that do not fit the bill. In this kit you will find 2 ball peen hammers. Metal worKind requires that tools are right for the job. What you get in my MAXout Fancy stamping kit is as follows:

Your choice of the above named upper and lower case Fancy Font with a fancy number stamp sets -

1) 8oz hammer for stamping
1) 16oz hammer for disk cutting
1) 4 x 4 x3/4 polished steel block
1) 7x7 leather hammer pillow, reduces bounce and make stamping quieter
1) Euro tool 2 hole punch 3/32 & 1/16
1) plastic mallet
1) wood dapping set
1) Large Long lasting sanding block
1) Liver of sulfur 2 oz easy to use gel
5) 1 inch Nickel Disks
2) 18 inch sterling plated chain
5) heavy fine quality 6.5 mm sterling jump rings
1) 3x3 gauge copper sheet
1) 3x3 Brass sheet
1) straight French style metal shear
1) Curved French style shear
1) Big Disk cutter size 1 inch,7/8, 3/4, 5/8, 1/2
1) Premium Red rough full size polish cloth
1) 4 pad steel wool pack
1) lockable rubber tipped clamp to hold you work
1) Sparpie pen

You will also receive my detailed self authored instructions. This information was compiled from years of experience.

SO lets get going and start stamping.


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