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Jewelry stamp kit, Metal Stamping Kit, 3 Letter Sizes, 1.5mm, 2mm, 3m, stamping kit, stamp on metal, make stamped jewelry

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This kit will get you started at an agreeable price and premium quality. This jewelry stamp kit has the goods to get you going right away.

Also see the optional 1 pound hammer option with either the upper case only or with both cases.

You will be delighted with this kit and have fun jumping into stamping. We love empowering new artists with tools and supplies.
I'm here to help with any question.

Please see the drop down menu for letter case options.

1) Steel stamping block it works like a champ 2.5 x 2.5 inch

1) 2x2 heavy rubber block. You use this to straighten your metals on.

1) French style shear straight blade.. you will love these.

3) 1 inch 22 ga nickel discs.

5) 3/4 inch 22 ga nickel discs.

5) 1/2 inch 22 gauge nickel discs.

3) 1 inch brass stars

2) brass key charms

2) 3.7 mm sterling plated rollo chain with lobster clasp.

1) 3x3 24 gauge copper sheet to stamp with & cut out shapes with.

1) 3x3 24 gauge brass sheet to stamp & cut out shapes with.

1) 1.25 Euro tool hole punch with rubber grips & extra punch nose.

1) Wood dapping block set to curve you stamping with.

1) 5 x 3 Heavy duty long lasting fine sanding block to smooth your cut outs.
10) 17 gauge thick 7 sterling filled jump rings.

1) Rubber tipped lockable clamp to hold you cut outs while you sand.

1) Sharpie pen to use while stamping.

1) 8 oz ball peen hammer.

1) hi impact plastic mallet to reshape stamped metal, super useful!

1) Super fine steel wool step 1 for polishing.

1) Red rough polish cloth step 2 for polishing Beat the pro pad 15 to 1.

1) My detailed personally authored written instructions

You won't find a better kit for the price.

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