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Native American, large steel stamps, native tribe designs ,Native designs, Native silver, tribal designs, Southwest stamps, 3/8 tool shank

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These are sold as single stamps corresponding to the letters in the image.

Large native American steel stamps, Native silver, tribal designs, Southwest stamps.
My Native American steel stamps in a WOW larger size. You choose what design you want from the drop-down menu. 

I've included a comparison to show the larger size of these stamps next to the 1/4 inch tool.

They are wonderful for copper and silver working. These larger stamps give a real punch to metal projects.
We've found that larger stamps are not as easy to use. Always tape down the metal item you're going to stamp. We use blue painter tape with great results. We suggest practicing with these on some scrap before jumping right into your metal workpiece. Some designs do better with a double tap of the hammer. Always be sure to keep firm downward pressure on the stamp while striking with the hammer. Rocking the stamp back and forth will help you fine the sweet spot. Always hold the stamp level on your steel block.

Happy stamping


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