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block letters 2 mm, Capitals and number, tool hardened steel, with wood case

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2mm Arial upper case letters and numbers in wooden box.
Also in my store I have a complete stamping kit with silver disks, hammer, steel block, dapping block, 2 hole punch, and jumping with detailed instructions!

Create your own messages and name jewelry with this set of tool steel hardened stamps. These are the top quality letter stamps and will last decades if used on soft metals such a sterling silver, fine silver, copper, gold, gold filled. Check out the stamped example below. Example has been enlarged to show detail. These are very small stamps good for earrings and dainty message jewelry.

Make sure the metal is dead soft. Hold the stamp firmly on the silver. Do your stamping on a smooth steel block or anvil. Make sure the block is on a stable hard surface. You do not want your block to bounce. You can use several sheets of news paper folded in to quarter or eight of a sheet to damped the bounce. Use a flat face hammer. If you have never worked with pattern stamps, you might try stamping a scrap of leather or sterling sheet that you could solder later as a design element.

Use a Sharpie and a ruler to make a line to stamp on. Then use fine steel wool to remove the Sharpie.

Make sure you have the stamp pressed firmly on the silver and then strike with the hammer firmly for a good clean impression.


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