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Butane Torch, Bigger torch, larger torch, stronger torch, Solder Rings, solder Bangles, Uses Lighter Butane

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Bigger butane torch for larger soldering projects like bangles. Larger torch for soldering that can not be achieved with a micro torch. This is a stronger torch. The example brass bangles and rings are 8 gauge half round. So this torch will rock your soldering projects. It has a much stronger flame and gets the job done. The torch uses lighter butane for cigar lighters for example. This also has a child safety so kids can not light this by mistake. It has a nice big holding tank that allows you to do a lot of soldering before refueling. It has a flame adjust lever and most of the time you will use it on low or medium flame. It is easier to light with the flame lever set to medium. If you have the flame lever all the way towards the front it has a strong flame for larger jobs.
This is NOT the torch for delicate soldering jobs.
For delicate soldering please see my Micro Torch that goes with my soldering and setting DVD.

Example jewelry not included.


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