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Checker design, Wide lines, Texturing Hammer, metal working, texture hammering, metal affects

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Beautifully crafted heavy duty Design Texturing hammer. The awesome hammer has 2 designs for you to use in adding exquisite texture design to your metal work. Each head is a full 1 inch and 1/8th across. One face has a checker pattern the other has wide grooves. 

The craftsmanship of this hammer is outstanding. This is a tool that will last a life time with proper care. The overall length of the hammer is 10 inches. The thickness of the handle is just right. The weight approximately 8 oz. You will love this hammer I'm a cretin. When I first saw these I said to myself....ooooohhhhh...I need that hammer.

You use this hammer with a steel block. PLace your copper or silver item you want to texture on the block and start hammering. Be carful not to get your fingers. If your item is small you might want to hold it with pliers. This imparts wonderful texture with ease to non-ferrous metals.


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