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HARD Solder Paste, silver solder paste .5 oz Syringe, torch soldering, hi heat solder, flux mixed in for 2 gas torch, silver smiting

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This solder paste has a flow temp of 1450 degrees. This is NOT for a micro torch. It will require a 2 gas torch if your project is larger than about the size of a nickel. I love using solder paste since it has the flux already mixed in with the solder.

It important to note that for a solder operation to be successful, both items to be joint must be clean and metal to metal. The flux that is mixed into the paste is only a short time period barrier to oxidation that occurs when silver is torched. Prolonged heating will guarantee a failed solder, as this scorches away the flux. Both items to be joined must be able to reach flow temperature quickly.

This solder should be used in a well vented area. Do not breath the vapors from soldering.

Contains Fluorides !




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