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Micro Torch, soldering torch, Electronic Ignition, butane torch, silver Soldering, copper soldered, brass soldering

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This torch has a child safety that you must pull down before igniting. It has a constant flame button on the side you must depress for a constant flame. You can quickly cut the flame off by pressing the ignition button. I have several torches in my studio and I use this one for all my small soldering needs. Since I like to make smallish elements and connect them with custom links, it’s just right for that sort of work. I use solder paste that’s quick and easy too. I use this torch for earrings, pendants, bracelets & necklace elements. Max temp with a fresh fuel fill 2400 degrees.

Use only high quality fuel and this torch will provide good service for a long time.
I use only Target store camping fuel butane. You get it in the camping department.


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