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Smooth bezel wire, 3 ft Flat bezel wire, 26 ga1/8 inch, for thinner stones, fine silver, cabochon setting

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This 26 gauge smooth bezel wire is 1/8th of an inch tall and is for thinner stones. For this reason I suggest this bezel for the somewhat more experienced silver worker. This bezel wire has a tendency to melt if overheated so indirect heating with the torch is recommended. I find using sterling silver solder paste much easier. It has the flux already mixed in. I have 3 heat levels available in my store.

The bezel is enlarged in image.

The lowest melting point is the: #56

Extra Easy # 56 solder paste, melt temp 1145 deg.

Easy # 65 solder paste, melt temp 1240 deg.

Medium # 70 solder paste, melt temp 1275 deg.

Notice how the number get higher with the melting temp.


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